Business stationery | Brochures, leaflets, fliers and posters

When we talk about looking for products or services on the internet, we tend to refer to it as 'browsing' or 'surfing the web', and while the internet has dramatically changed the way we now communicate to our buyers, and in many ways made the world a smaller place, maintaining a personal bond with your customers is a time proven means of ensuring that they are more likely to come straight back to you the next time that they need the product or services you offer. You really don't want them simply 'browsing' away!

One of the easiest ways to accomplish that it so simply give them something by which to remember you - something so simple as a business card or a flier to tell them who you are what you do.

But what good is this when your business card and printed material is exactly the same as everyone else's - how will they remember you then?

disgruntled smileVistaprint, for example, might tempt you with very, very low prices and attractive templates to choose from, but these templates are generally mass produced very cheaply, and simply over-printed with your details - and while their range might look quite diverse at first glance, you'll see that they are targeted towards certain businesses. It is more than possible for exanmple, for every hairdresser in one town to select exactly the same template. It says very little about you, unless of course you want to be associated with 'cheap and samey'!

Attwood Designs 'designs' bespoke business stationery, working closely with you to ensure that the message you give out is the message you want your customers to read, and we only use printers operating from the UK, supporting British industry.