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Attwood Designs, established in 2000, is a graphic design consultancy business specialising in the creation of visual communication and presentation.

So, typically, this means that...

AD creates logos and corporate branding; stationery layouts and the design and layout of business documents, logos, brochures, fliers - information that you would present to your clients or potential clients in order to make them aware of your services, offers, promotions, as well as information you would present to establish your identity on the high street and to your target business audience. This could be the design and layout of signs, posters, labels and vehicle livery, websites and packaging.

I use the industry standard Adobe Creative Cloud suit of software for the majority of our work, especially if our work is to be printed or used in web applications. I also use CorelDraw software for signs, technical drawing and decals, and especially tracing illustrations which I can then go on to import into Illustrator for whatever purpose I need them.