Price does not include logo design or printing and assumes images of a suitable resolution are provided or that I have designed the original logo. Particularly complex layouts may cost more.

Business card layout.. single sided £20; double-sided £30; tent fold £45

Business letterhead... £15.00

Word doc business letterhead template*... £30.00

Compliment slip... £15.00

Continuation sheet... £10.00

Invoice (with column layout).. £20.00

Forms... from £20.00

'Live' acrobat forms... from £45.00

Single sided fliers, menus or posters (up to A4 size)**... from £30.00

Single sided large posters (i.e. A3 size)**... from £45.00

Double sided fliers and folded brochures / menus multi page documents (up to A4 size)**... from £60.00

Brochures / books / catelogues: a basic rate of £40 per hour

* Depending on which version of Word that you require. Not compatible with versions of Word pre 2003. I can offer this service for word processing programmes such as Open Office but the cost will be considerably more as I will have to download and install the programe myself to enable me to do this.

**Complex photo-editing or background removal will cost more. Please call or email me to discuss.