If you don't have a logo for your business, I can create one for you. Ideally, I would need a rough outline of your business plan and mission statement to help me get a feel for your business and your unique selling points so that I can create an image for you that reflects who you are and what you have to offer. We don't do 'off the shelf logos', an 'off the shelf' logo is meaningless!


It would also help if you could provide either a rough sketch of what you have in mind, or a few examples of logos you have seen and particularly like - not so that I can copy them, but to help ensure I can create something that you will like! We all have different ideas about what we like to see.

For £50.00, I will draw up a few ideas - usually about 6 - of what I have in mind after reading through your brief and send you a watermarked PDF to look at. I would then speak to you in person or on the phone, or possible via email to discuss aspects you like and might not like about what I have shown you, and then, hopefully, be able to send you back a finished copy. Extra costs might be incurred if, for example, you want a very complex coat of arms drawn up, or there are a lot of people with conflicting ideas and opinions involved in the decision making process.

Logo 'tidy-up'... from £40.00

Fashion changes from season to season in all aspects of design, but while you don't want to be changing your logo from season to season - that would kind of defeat the object of having a logo in the first place - after a few years a logo can begin to look a little dated. Sometimes, this is not a bad thing as it can reflect the idea of long established, but it can also reflect the idea of behind the times and old fashioned, which is not going to help you attract new customers. It might be something as simple as a slight change of colour or typeface that will give your image a little lift to bring it bang up to date. Give me a call or email me to discuss whether your logo needs a facelift.

This service is also ideal if you have designed your own logo but you are not familiar with how to put it into the required format for print or just need it 'tidied up' a little. This does not cover complex image tracing or Photoshop editing.