Good design is priceless. It helps your business stand out from that of your competitors and gives you an identity that your customers can instantly recognise and relate to, but that doesn't mean it has to be expensive.

All prices given are guidelines and subject to my looking at your individual project in detail. Prices given are for the most popular requests. For other items, please call or email me to discuss.

If you don't have a logo for your business, I can create one for you. Ideally, I would need a rough outline of your business plan and mission statement to help me get a feel for your business and your unique selling points so that I can create an image for you that reflects who you are and what you have to offer. We don't do 'off the shelf logos', an 'off the shelf' logo is meaningless!

Price does not include logo design or printing and assumes images of a suitable resolution are provided or that I have designed the original logo. Particularly complex layouts may cost more.

Business card layout.. single sided £20; double-sided £30; tent fold £45

Business letterhead... £15.00

Word doc business letterhead template*... £30.00

Compliment slip... £15.00

Continuation sheet... £10.00

Invoice (with column layout).. £20.00

Forms... from £20.00

'Live' acrobat forms... from £45.00

Single sided fliers, menus or posters (up to A4 size)**... from £30.00

Single sided large posters (i.e. A3 size)**... from £45.00

Double sided fliers and folded brochures / menus multi page documents (up to A4 size)**... from £60.00

Brochures / books / catelogues: a basic rate of £40 per hour

* Depending on which version of Word that you require. Not compatible with versions of Word pre 2003. I can offer this service for word processing programmes such as Open Office but the cost will be considerably more as I will have to download and install the programe myself to enable me to do this.

**Complex photo-editing or background removal will cost more. Please call or email me to discuss.